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Check Out How Consti-Slim™ 
Helped Customers To DeBloat &
Unload Pounds With Ease

That full, gassy feeling is gone. Energy, fun, and romance are back

“I tried anything and everything in order to achieve elimination. Nothing seemed to work for me. But now, with Consti-Slim™, my life has done a complete turn-around. I finally feel light again! The energy, fun, and romance are back in my life. And I’ve also quickly lost 18 pounds with no crazy diet or exercise!”

— Rebecca Salinas

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They are amazed at the pounds unloaded

“I used to have the worst symptoms you can imagine. I was also overweight and tired all the time. People now stop and ask me, ‘Is that you, Gary? When I say yes, they are amazed at my weight loss (I lost 41 pounds), how much younger I look, and how much energy I have.”

— Gary Simelan

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Feel like a new woman and lost 27 pounds

“I could never go regularly. It was uncomfortable and absolutely devastating. It was debilitating, depressing, agonizing… I had given up on doctors, and no laxatives or other products worked well. Thank goodness for this product. Now I can have a good poop every day, and I feel like a new woman. And the best part…I’ve lost 27 pounds too.”

— Sandrah Lowel

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Regularly Feeling
Stuck, Heavy & Bloated?

Constantly feeling stuck, bloated, or “backed up” might seem like an “embarrassing” digestive problem that many people are afraid to talk about.

The truth is…

Toxic Poop Could Be Piling Up For Years In Our “Colon Potholes”

Toxic Poop Could Be
Piling Up For Years In
Our “Colon Potholes”

The colon is the all-important “sewer system” of the body. Its purpose is to carry food your body cannot use to where it is eliminated in bowel movements.

 But our food could get stuck in “Colon Potholes.” They are small, bulging pouches that develop in the lining of the colon (medically known as diverticula). Imagine our 5-feet-long colon walls as a 3-dimensional highway.

Now, picture this highway filled with multiple potholes. That's what Colon Potholes are. And that’s where poop could get trapped and turned toxic. It’s estimated over 40% of people will develop Colon Potholes, with an average of 14 potholes found in their colons. These numbers only increase with age.

How Stuck Poop in Colon Potholes Ferment & Become Toxic

Generally, the colon does an excellent job of clearing out food, bacteria, and waste.However, when multiple Colon Potholes are present…

As food travels down the colon, poop could get “stuck” in these potholes and remain stuck inside, day after day, for many years.

Over time, trapped poop could ferment, rot, and release harmful by-products and toxins that irritate and inflame the colon.But the damage doesn't stop there. If not managed properly, these harmful substances could enter the bloodstream and further spread their damaging effects throughout the body.

If Left Unaddressed,
Toxic Poop in Colon Potholes
Could Lead To:

Severe Constipation

Weight Gain

Chronic Bloating & Gas

Colon-Related Issues

Memory & Brain Fog

Chronic Inflammation

Mood Swing & Anxiety

Chronic Fatigue

Skin Issues

Why Fiber, Probiotics & Synthetic
Laxatives, Aren’t Enough to
Solve The Toxic Poop Problem?

Many people continue to experience these problems because they focus entirely on one piece of the puzzle.

They think they can solve their digestive and weight problem by focusing on probiotics, laxatives, drinking more water, and eating more fiber. But these alone do not address the toxic stuck food inside their colons, causing Colon Potholes to be bloated and blocked for months and years on end.

NO Fiber

Fiber from food may not strong enough to flush out fermenting poop stuck in Colon Potholes

NO Probiotics

Probiotics alone may support healthy gut bacteria, but they don’t help expel toxin in Colon Potholes

NO Synthetic Laxatives

Stimulant, prescribed or OTC laxatives offer quick relief but can promote dependency and “lazy bowel syndrome.”

But the good news is…
But the good news is…

Now You Can Fight Back With
Daily DeBloat Cleanse

Thanks to the ingredients in Consti-Slim™

Consti-Slim™ is a unique formula designed to address the stuck food in your
Colon Potholes, that can accumulate over the course of many years.

#1 Daily DeBloat Cleanse:

3-Step Process to Unload Pounds Of
Toxic Poop From Colon Potholes

Real, Verified Results

See What People All Over The World
Are Saying With Daily DeBloat Cleanse

Was very skeptical, now a huge fan

“I was very skeptical. I have tried almost everything out there. Nothing helped enough. Through the years I have tried cognitive behavioral therapy, biofeedback, massage therapy, different diets, fiber of all kinds, and other therapies too numerous to mention.

Although some therapies were pleasant (some not), none made much difference for me. All I can say is it works, it works, it works! I was very skeptical, but now I am a huge fan of this for regularity and fat elimination.”

— Andrea Haliburton

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Poop Daily and Lost 34 Pounds…

“Thank you for Consti-Slim™. It’s such a GREAT feeling going from forcing and no poop – to now having a normal bowel movement about once a day with very little effort at all. I am on and off the toilet within 5 minutes with no straining whatsoever.

The last few days I am also getting “the feeling” of needing to go without fail every morning. That has never happened to me for as long as I can remember.

I have started to go out again. I feel good and I’ve lost 34 pounds since I started taking this supplement after nothing else had worked that great for me.”

— Tammy Frankel

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I’m also down 2 sizes on my dresses

“This product is a lifesaver! I have switched to using this after taking a ridiculously unhealthy amount of pills, and I feel so much better. I'm also down 2 sizes on my dresses, it's a side benefit that I absolutely love.”

— Tara Whitewood

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More Benefits of Daily DeBloat
Cleanse With Continuous Use

Customers who took Consti-Slim™ for at least 6 months reported*:

Waist Trimming*

More energy*

Healthier Digestion*

Daily Easy Bowel*

Way Less Bloating*

Hunger Regulation*

More Amazing Results
From Thousands of Customer Who
Have Tried Consti-Slim™

From Misery to Excitement – Glad I Didn’t Give Up

“The past years I sought help from doctors were a disaster for me. I wouldn’t have a bowel movement for weeks, and then I’d spend forever on the toilet in terrible pain and not even go.

I was miserable. And needless to say this also made me crabby, tired and unhappy. Well I praise the Lord for two things, my patient husband and Consti-Slim. Now I have an easy and fast bowel movement every day with no pain. It’s like I’m a new person, from misery to excitement.

I’m so glad I didn’t give up. Thank you, Consti-Slim™”†

— Maria Zeidalwicz

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Keeps me regular, and normal

“Glad I found this....it hasn't caused any cramping or other negative side effects for me. And I’m now stimulant-free at 55.

Start with one capsule to see how it works for you before you go on to using two as the bottle recommended.

I use them approximately every other evening, as a normal regimen, and they keep me regular, and normal. Wonderful product. Thank God.Ӡ

— Rita Bradley

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Works like a charm

“I have been taking this for just under two months now. It works like a charm. It is many times better than anything else. I told my wife the other day I still can’t believe the difference (in my bowel movements and weight loss).”†

— Jimmy Tasilov

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Bowel movement every day… lost over 32 pounds

“I was incredibly surprised this works so good because I tried many products over the years and was always disappointed. I am now having a bowel movement every day and its easy. I also have more energy, clearer skin and I’ve lost over 32 pounds.”†

— Mary Beth

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Formulated With Daily,
Long-Term Consumption

Consti-Slim™ is manufactured in a US FDA-approved facility that has been rigorously vetted for its exemplary standards.



Gentle On Stomach & Gut

Consistent Effectiveness Over Time

How to DeBloat
Every Day With Consti-Slim:

Take 2 capsules with your meals

Drink a big glass of water
in the morning

Drink 8-10 glasses of water throughout the day.

If You're Not 100% Satisfied, Neither Are We!

That's Our Simple Promise™—
And We Back It With an Unbeatable
365-Day Money-Back Guarantee!

Our promise is simple: Try Consti-Slim™ risk-free for a full year. If you're not thrilled, you get every penny back.
No questions, no fuss.

We're confident in Consti-Slim™'s science-backed formula. That's why we offer this unparalleled 365-Day Money-Back Guarantee. Use it all—still not satisfied? Just reach out, and we'll refund you.

Place your order today and experience the transformation Consti-Slim™ delivers. Not 100% happy? We're not either, and you'll get a full refund.

That’s our simple promise to you.


365-Day, 100%
Money Back

Manufactured In US

No Auto-Billing

Backed By
Clinical Studies

Deliver Within
5-7 Days

Massive Savings
When You
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About Simple Promise™ –
Elevating the Gold Standard in
Nutritional Supplements

We started Simple Promise™ out of a personal need. Like you, we
found ourselves overwhelmed by the sheer number of supplement
options available. That's why we decided to ask the right questions,
dig into the science, and set new standards that customers can trust.

Our commitment to your well-being is reflected in our carefully
crafted products, all of which are designed to provide:


Delivering gentle, safe relief tailored to our body's needs.


Harnessing top-tier ingredients that resonate with our ethos.


Designed for swift, long-lasting alleviation from bloating, constipation, weight management & digestive woes.


Upholding transparency with naturally sourced ingredients that have undergone clinical evaluation for efficacy.

By choosing Simple Promise™, you're not just investing in
a supplement. You're embracing a promise—a simple,
science-backed pathway to a healthier, happier you.




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