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4 Tips To Stay Slim While Eating Out

Posted by Simple Promise on

4 Tips To Stay Slim While Eating Out

It’s incredibly hard to keep our calories down when eating at our favorite restaurant. It’s almost like our natural tendency is to just let our hair down, order the appetizer platter and then finish off with a rich dessert. Before you know it, you’re back at home sitting on your couch with that “gross” feeling.

And you know you’re going to pay for it the next time you step on the scale. Wouldn’t it be nice to avoid that self-sabotaging behavior altogether?

Well, you can! Here are 5 tips that will help you avoid weight gain while eating out...

Tip #1: Don’t Go Out On An Empty Stomach

This may seem weird. “Why would I eat before going out to eat?”. Understand that most restaurants pack tons of calories in their food to make it taste good. It’s what keeps you coming back.

But if you were to eat a healthy snack before going out, you can still enjoy your favorite restaurant without accidentally eating too much. Consider it as eating a healthy appetizer at home.

Tip #2: Focus On Protein

Protein is a great source of energy, and it will keep you full. Order what you like, but make sure there’s at least some lean protein in the dish. It’s too easy to order something loaded with fat that you’ll regret later.

Anything with lean cuts of chicken, pork, beef or fish will do it. Most restaurants actually feature their protein food as the centerpiece of their entree. That just makes it easier for you, right?

Tip #3: Say “NO” To Alcohol

If you typically like an alcoholic beverage with dinner, this can be a challenge. But just know that alcohol is empty calories. Your body gets zero benefit from drinking it.

Also consider that drinking alcohol can stimulate your appetite, which can make you eat more than you want to. Instead, just go for a fruity iced tea.

Tip #4: Avoid French Fries

This may actually be the hardest one. French fries are a staple of most American restaurants. But there are plenty of other tasty options you can choose from besides French fries (I promise).

Many restaurants offer a side salad, baked potato, mashed potatoes or even roasted veggies. And who knows… If you follow Tip #1, you may not have as hard a craving for French fries as you usually do.

It’s tempting to “be good” when you head out to your favorite restaurant. But I assure you, it IS possible to still enjoy yourself, eat some delicious food and not feel like you’re going to hate yourself the next day. Just follow those simple tips and you can have the best of both worlds.

Your future self will thank you.