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About Simple Promise™

When our customers go to the health food store or go online to buy a supplement they are faced with a tsunami of choices. It is overwhelming.

How do you choose what is best for you when you are faced with too many choices?

As customers ourselves, we’ve learned to ask the right questions. And that is how the Simple Promise philosophy was created.

At Simple Promise every product must pass 7 tests.

First, before we choose to move forward with a supplement idea, we look for the GOLD STANDARD of scientific evidence for each ingredient. That means each active ingredient used in our supplements is based on multiple double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical studies on humans.

Also, not all science is equal. You'd be surprised how many supplement companies base their claims on animal studies. The truth is, what works on mice doesn't always work on humans.

Not only that, these studies are based on a very small sample size. Which would you trust more? a study that was done on 3 people or 300 hundred people? We make sure the studies we base our formulations on include enough people to trust the results.

Other times the evidence is only anecdotal. They are success stories of random people and without any clinical controls to make sure the results came from that ingredient.

We make sure that each formula we use is based on the science that passes the test needed to be accepted by the scientific community.

Second, if there are double-blind human studies on an ingredient, we put the exact same ingredient, or a scientifically equivalent ingredient, used in the research into our formulation.

Third we use the clinical dose of each active ingredient. We don’t try to cut costs by using less of the ingredient than what was used in the studies. With Simple Promise supplements, you get the clinical dose.

Fourth, Simple Promise manufactures all their supplements at facilities that are cGMP certified. cGMP stands for Current Good Manufacturing Practices. These are practices that the FDA requires to ensure there is no adulteration.

We ensure that each of our manufacturers are audited regularly just so you can rely on our simple promise of quality.

Fifth, we test our supplements for content by a 3rd party lab to make sure that what is on the label is actually what is in the bottle. We want to be certain that you’re getting what we promise! Using a 3rd party lab ensures that we don’t bias the lab tests.

Sixth, we vet our formulations using a 3rd party team of pharmacology, toxicology, pharmaceutical product development, clinical and regulatory affairs scientists. We do this to remove bias or cherry-picking of results.

Last, we make sure that our products are safe. Using the entirety of scientific literature available today, we make sure that the ingredients and manufacturing of our supplements are safe for the customer.

Simple Promise has developed an unbreakable process to ensure that each supplement - passes each of these tests.