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What’s The Best Way To Avoid Diabetes? It May Be Weight Loss.

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What’s The Best Way To Avoid Diabetes? It May Be Weight Loss.

It’s well known that being overweight leads to the development of diabetes. And when someone is pre-diabetic, or already diabetic, treatment tends to focus on lowering blood sugar.

But scientists are now learning that treatment should focus on another approach.

The Latest Diabetes Research

Recent research from renowned diabetes research center UT Southwestern Medical Center has led to a paradigm shift in type 2 diabetes treatment.

Dr. Lingvay of UT Southwestern says, “We propose using a proactive approach. Let’s address the cause of the disease — obesity.”

Researchers find that dropping 15% or more of body weight can actually lower the risk of type 2 diabetes.

Shocking U.S. Diabetes Epidemic

These findings come at a time when more and more Americans are struggling with diabetes and being overweight.

According to the American Diabetes Association, type 2 diabetes is caused by either obesity, or by metabolism problems.

34.2 million people in the United States have diabetes. That’s about 1 in every 10 people. Yet, half of those people don’t even know they have it.

People who have diabetes are at higher risk of serious health complications:

  • Blindness
  • Kidney failure
  • Heart disease
  • Stroke
  • Loss of toes, feet, or legs

All of these can lead to the risk of early death, which is 60% higher for adults with diabetes than those without.

What’s more, medical costs for diabetics are more than twice as high as for people without diabetes.

So it’s clear that diabetes poses a real threat to more people than originally thought, and one of the best ways to lower our risk is to lose weight.

Let’s take a look at a few of the most effective ways to do that.

Actually Effective Ways To Lose Weight

  1. Load Up On Superfoods
  2. Superfoods are whole, unprocessed, foods packed with nutrients. They’re loaded with antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, and fiber. All of these work together to make a great way to lose weight over a long period of time.

    So here are a few of the top superfoods to help you lose weight, slim down, and achieve your ideal figure — backed by science, and supported by many dietitians.


    Kale is one of the top superfoods around. It’s rich with antioxidants and several key nutrients, including manganese, vitamin C, and vitamin K.

    But weight loss is where kale really shines.

    Because kale is high in fiber, it helps reduce your appetite for longer. Kale is also very low in calories, which adds to its title as Weight Loss Superfood #1.

    Chia Seeds

    Chia seeds are loaded with soluble fiber. Soluble fiber is a type of fiber that forms a waste-removing gel in the digestive tract.

    Several studies show that getting enough soluble fiber leads to increased weight loss and body fat loss.

    As if that weren’t impressive enough, chia seeds are also high in protein, which helps regulate appetite.


    Kimchi is a common popular Korean cuisine. It usually consists of salted, fermented vegetables like cabbage and radish.

    Kimchi is an excellent source of probiotics. These are a type of beneficial bacteria also found in your gut, and they support several aspects of health.

    According to some studies, beneficial bacteria help with weight loss, appetite, and feelings of fullness.

  3. Wear A Fitness Tracker
  4. Fitness trackers are a God-send for our overall health — especially with dropping a few more stubborn pounds.

    They can provide gentle encouragement to be more active, and give you a better sense of how you spend each day.

    But here’s what you need to know...

    You want a fitness tracker, not a smartwatch. While some smartwatches can include some features that fitness trackers have, a fitness tracker’s sole purpose is keeping tabs on your health.

    With this in mind, here’s what most fitness trackers can do to help you burn more fat:

    Count your steps

    Sometimes it’s hard to know if you’ve been active enough throughout the day. Step counting takes away that anxiety.

    I’ve personally found that by counting the number of steps I’ve taken in a day, or even how far I’ve walked, weight loss has almost become a game. Not to mention the fact that it distracts me from exercise.

    Monitor your heart rate

    When it comes to exercise, you’ll want to get your heart rate up a little bit. Consistently doing so pushes your heart muscle just enough to keep it strong.

    What’s more, when your heart rate is elevated with exercise, you tend to burn more calories. With a fitness tracker, it’s easy to see what your current heart rate is, which gives you a better idea of how you should adjust your exercise.

    For example, if you’re taking a walk around your neighborhood, and your heart rate isn’t high enough to burn fat, you’ll know that you need to pick up the pace just enough until your heart rate rises.

    Track your sleep

    Just as important as exercise is, sleep is just as important. And today’s fitness trackers are able to track your sleep patterns with extreme accuracy.

    Want to know the exact moment you fell asleep? Fitness trackers can tell you, and give you personalized tips on how to sleep better in future. This could be a life changer for people over 40, who tend to get less and less quality sleep as they age.

  5. Clinical Weight Loss Help
  6. According to Dr. Lingvay, “It’s hard to achieve sustained weight loss. Most lifestyle interventions result in progressive weight loss over six months, followed by a plateau and weight regain over one to three years.”

    She adds, “New weight loss medications and those in the pipeline will help patients succeed in managing their weight over the long term.”

    If you’ve struggled for years — or possibly decades — to flatten your tummy, or get rid of unsightly cellulite, then you could take a look at this Japanese fat burning mineral.

    Experts call it nature’s fat vacuum, because studies show it increases the body’s fat burning ability by over 650%.

  7. Blood Sugar Support Also Helps Weight Loss
  8. The groundbreaking UT Southwestern research shows us how critical weight loss is to protecting us from diabetes. Still, other medical experts still stand behind the benefits of regulating blood sugar and insulin.

    In fact, a shocking new study from the U.S. Government itself reveals how a rare Asian fruit triggers the body’s natural insulin repair system, and balances blood sugar in just 3 weeks.

    People who ate this fruit saw not only stable blood sugar levels, but also:

  • More, longer-lasting energy
  • Fewer cravings throughout the day
  • And even smaller waist measurements

Here’s where you can get hard-to-find fruit.


  • Researchers have uncovered a paradigm shift in how diabetes should be treated, and how to avoid it.
  • One of the best ways to guard against diabetes is by losing weight.
  • How can people over 50 lose weight effectively? By getting more weight loss superfoods like kale, chia seeds, and kimchi. Using a fitness tracker is also a great way to make fat loss more consistent.
  • Another strategy to lose weight includes taking a little-known Japanese mineral.
  • For extra blood sugar support, the U.S. government found that a rare fruit repairs insulin levels in just 3 weeks.