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Chromium: The Next Weight Loss Super-Mineral?

Posted by Simple Promise on

Chromium: The Next Weight Loss Super-Mineral?

Chances are, you haven’t heard much about chromium. And that’s ok, because there is more and more research coming out about this little-known mineral that nearly every American is deficient in.

So what’s so special about it?

Well as it turns out, chromium is shown to enhance how insulin works. Insulin is a hormone critical to the metabolism and storage of carbs, fat, and protein in the body1.

But where things get really exciting, is that chromium has several weight loss benefits.

Chromium’s Effects on Weight Loss

It regulates carb cravings, and controls appetite by as much as 50%, which means you could comfortably eat 4x less calories.

This is why chromium is so effective in helping people lose fat and overall body weight. But what’s really great is, it does this while also retaining lean muscle mass2.

This is important when you not only want to lose the fat, but also want to avoid feeling weak, tired, and frail as the weight comes off.

The problem is, most Americans get half of the recommended daily amount, which is 50 mcg. And the amount you need for weight loss is about three times that.

If you’re looking to lose weight naturally, efficiently, and safely… you may want to look into getting more chromium in your diet.

So that begs the question, what are some ways to get more chromium?

Glad you asked…

4 Sources of Chromium

1. Baker’s Yeast

Baker’s yeast, as its name implies, is used to make bread. It just so happens that baker’s yeast is a rich source of chromium at roughly 9 mcg per tablespoon.

You can buy baker’s yeast as a powder, and mix it into smoothies, and of course bread.

2. Beef

Next up is beef, which comes in at 2 mcg of chromium for each 3-ounce serving. You can also get chromium through other animal meats such as turkey and chicken, but the chromium levels aren’t as high.

3. Green Beans

One half-cup of green beans has 1.1 mcg of chromium. While this isn’t as much as what you would find in beef or baker’s yeast, a meal combining these other foods will help.

4. Chromium Picolinate Supplement

If you’re looking at the list above and doing a little bit of mat, you might be thinking, “How am I going to eat enough food to get enough chromium in my diet?”

If that’s the case, you might consider taking a chromium picolinate supplement. Especially because farming and manufacturing processes change how much chromium is actually in the foods you buy at the grocery store3.

So when it comes to chromium supplements, you want to look for chromium picolinate, specifically because it is better absorbed in the body.


  • Chromium helps boost the effects of insulin, and use up stored fat while retaining lean muscle.
  • Most Americans don’t get enough chromium.
  • Some food sources of chromium include baker’s yeast, beef, and green beans.
  • To get enough chromium in your daily diet, you may need to take a chromium supplement. We recommend this one.