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Is Detoxing as We Know It a Sham?

Posted by Simple Promise on

Is Detoxing as We Know It a Sham?

This might be the end of detox smoothies as we know it. New research says that detoxing is actually bad!

Look, detoxing sounds good in theory. It’s supposed to:

  • Eliminate toxins…
  • Give the digestive system a break, and…
  • Pack in the nutrients and minerals…

This sounds great! I mean we all want that, right?

But what if everything we’ve been told about detoxing is wrong? Now, I know there’s a lot of research out there, but here are the top three detoxing myths everyone needs to know about right now:

Detox Myth #1: Getting rid of solid foods will help the body heal

The Truth

Skipping solid foods won't help detox the body. And it can actually starve it of nutrients.1

Solid foods have fibers. Our body needs fiber. Fiber slows down digestion and helps us absorb and use nutrients. What’s more—one of fiber’s main jobs is to remove toxins via the stool. 

And that’s not all. Fiber has probiotics. And we all know how probiotics are great for gut health. In fact, the gut makes up 80% of our immune system. So if we don’t eat fiber-rich solids, we’d simply get sicknesses that could otherwise be avoided.2

Sounds like the opposite of what a detox is supposed to do, right?

Detox Myth #2: Fruits and veggies are packed with vitamins and minerals

The Truth

The fruits and veggies we buy at the grocery store aren’t as healthy as we think. Even if they are labeled as “organic”, we can’t be so sure.

You see, back in 1954, the Feds legalized the 100% use of chemical fertilizers in commercial farming. This way, farmers could increase crop yield across the United States. In other words—they wanted to grow more food, more often and faster, using chemicals.

That sounds good in theory, but these chemicals also destroy minerals in the soil. Healthy minerals our body needs.

For example, sulfur. Sulfur is very important. Sulfur helps keep our cells in balance. Without it, they can turn into free radicals. Free radicals can lead to compromised cells.3 4 5 6 So without sulfur, it’s hard to stay healthy.7 8 9 10

In fact, scientists have compared our soil today to samples from 65 years ago, and they found something surprising: 85% of those minerals in our soil are now gone.11

Simple fact is: The food we eat today—even if it’s organic—just isn’t as nutritious!

Detox Myth #3: Smoothies are the best way to quickly get in shape

The Truth

A lot of people do cleanses because they want to get in shape, or boost their immune system. But they’re in for a surprise: It’s pretty hard to do that when chugging three large cups of carbs every day.

What do I mean by that?

Well, let’s be honest here. Detox smoothies are basically all sugar and carbs. Don’t believe me? Look at this ingredient list for a popular detox recipe I found on Pinterest. It sure has a lot of fruits and veggies in it, right?

But what do we see?

Carbs Sugar
1 cup raw coconut water 9g 6g
1 medium green apple 26g 19g
1 small raw red beet 7g 5g
1 cup frozen strawberries 17g 15g
1 cup frozen pineapple 26g 23g
½ small avocado 4g 0g
1 cup baby spinach 4g 0g
1 tbsp fresh lemon juice 1g 0.36g
Total 94g 68.36g


94 grams of carbs. And over 68 grams of that is sugar! That’s from just one smoothie! Imagine having three a day. It’s practically like drinking pure sugar!

As we already know, too much sugar is terrible for our health. Every time a smoothie is consumed, almost 70 grams of sugar courses through the bloodstream. Our bodies don’t know what to do with all that sugar, so it starts dumping that sugar into fat cells.13

In other words, detox smoothies store fat.

Not to mention the ripple effect sugar has on the immune system. According to board-certified internist and gastroenterologist Niket Sonpal…

“Research does show that consuming 75 to 100 grams of a sugar solution can hinder the body’s immune functions…”

And by drinking just ONE smoothie, you are most of the way there. The rest of your daily diet will easily put you over the limit.

If smoothies and detoxes are so bad, what can we do?

There IS good news:

Turns out, there’s still a completely natural way to cleanse that many don’t know about. (Not even most doctors!) It revolves around what researchers are calling the “master antioxidant”.

This antioxidant was actually discovered in abundance on a certain remote island located in the North Atlantic ocean. As it turns out, the people who live there are healthier14 15 and have less health issues than most of us here in the United States.

It’s not hard to find. And there’s no travel to this remote island involved.

Discover more about this "master antioxidant".