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5 Coffee Habits That Help You Burn Fat

Posted by Simple Promise on

5 Coffee Habits That Help You Burn Fat

Many of us require that extra java jolt in the morning to help us get going. It’s almost become part of our daily routine as much as showering or brushing our teeth is.

But did you know that if you drink coffee the right way, you can actually burn more fat throughout the day? It’s pretty amazing that you can get your daily pick-me-up while shedding those extra pounds — 2 birds with one stone.

Here are 5 coffee habits that will help keep you slim (and alert)...

1. Drink Your Coffee Black

This may seem like the most obvious, but not the most ideal for many. Most of us would love nothing more than a triple pump, cold foam latte to get us going every morning. Unfortunately, you’re just adding extra fat that your body will need to burn off later.

Did you know that straight, black coffee only has 5 calories? Heck, you can probably burn that just by pouring it in to the cup.

2. Skip The Sugar

Nothing has more empty calories than straight sugar. And adding it to your coffee every morning is just going to delay burning off the extra fat that your body so desperately wants to get rid of.

Not only that, but consuming too much sugar doesn’t just affect your waistline. It also puts pressure on your body to produce insulin to get rid of that sugar. Over time, this can increase your risk of diabetes.

3. Add A Scoop Of Collagen Peptides

Most of us know that eating too much is the quickest way to gaining weight. But feeling full during the day can curb that overeating.

That’s why, if you add collagen peptides to your morning java, you’re actually giving your body a major protein boost. And protein is a surefire way to help you feel full. So give collagen a try in your coffee… you may be pleasantly surprised.

4. Don’t Use Coffee As A Meal Replacement

Most people who drink coffee notice that it’s an appetite suppressant. But when you try to use it as a tool to eat less calories, it can often backfire in a really bad way.

Oftentimes, when someone drinks coffee to try and skip a meal, they actually end up starving later on (not literally). They end up so hungry by the time their next meal comes around that they end up eating way too much. That’s where the frustrating weight gain comes in.

5. Don’t Drink Coffee Too Late In the Day

It’s tempting to grab a cup later in the afternoon, when you start feeling yourself drag a bit. But that will give you a one-way ticket to dangerous territory.

Drinking too late in the day can drastically affect your sleep. When you don’t get enough sleep at night, your body can actually end up packing on unwanted pounds. So the best thing you can probably do for weight loss in this situation is bear through the afternoon. Go outside and breathe in some fresh air. Take a walk. But don’t grab that cup.

Following these tips will help you keep your daily morning jolt, while making sure your body keeps burning fat… like it’s supposed to. Try these tips out and see how they work!